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College Fields Golf Club as it relates to my golf course design career is emotionally probably the best thing that I have ever been a part of and will probably ever be a part of. The golf course was designed and built at a time in my life and career when my creativity was at a peak relative to my age, my family, and my experience in the golf course design field.

The overall concept for College Field Club (I like this name the best / CFC) has deep seeded roots in the minimalist movement of golf course design fashioned out of the Golden Age of Golf Course Design. The idea was to design a minimalist / sustainable type golf course as it relates to cost to build and cost to maintain while still providing a truly aesthetic, fun, and challenging experience for all. I have always been a great student and admirer of The Golden Age of Golf Course Design and the designers from this era; thus CFC was fashioned from this era with the purest of intentions.

The golf course from this era that probably influenced my work and my design pursuits at CFC the most would be Alwoodley Golf Club (Dr. Alister MacKenzie / one of his first design works). Two other key courses of influence were Crystal Downs (MacKenzie) and Holston Hills (Ross). The complexity regarding the simplicity of the design work is key to fashioning and building an everlasting golf course or for that matter an everlasting work of art. Cheers to all! Have fun; play golf with only the best of one’s intentions and spirit!

David Savic Design Associate Nicklaus Design

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